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Professional mechanical installation, maintenance and supervisory services for industrial maintenance and installation work.

Industrial Products

We offer a variety of industrial products, such as bearings, gaskets and seals, power transmission accessories, joints, gears, and maintenance services for these products

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Maintenance and Installation Services

Our services are focused on installation and maintenance tailored to industrial needs, as well as projects. We service mechanical machinery and equipment used in the industry, such as industrial gears and mechanical seals

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Innovative Solutions and Design Services

Our design services start with the customer's needs, whether it's creating something new or maintaining/modifying an existing item. Our aim is to achieve optimal results, which may require innovative solutions.

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We are committed to acting responsibly towards the environment and strive to continuously promote environmentally friendly practices in our operations.

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Versatile Industrial Services

We offer professional mechanical installation, maintenance, and supervision services for industrial maintenance and installation needs, both during shutdowns and while the customer's equipment is in operation. Our areas of expertise include power transmission - including gears and bearings -, sealing, other components, and spare parts. We also provide industrial equipment and other necessary parts.

We execute the installation and provide all the necessary components, so you can get everything conveniently in one package. Additionally, we offer professional project management services to ensure the quality and efficiency of the project implementation.

Our specialty is particularly in the pulp and paper industry, but we also operate flexibly in other industrial environments. Important principles of our operation are high-quality workmanship, occupational safety, and environmental issues. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

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